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Understanding Energy in the Workplace

energy IoT visualization heating workplace C-tECh formative study
In collaboration with: Mike Jewell, Ben Bedwell

Most work around technological interventions for energy conservation to date has focussed on changing individual behaviour. Hence, there is limited understanding of communal settings, such as office environments, as sites for intervention. Even when energy consumption in the workplace has been considered, the emphasis has typically been on the individual.

To address this gap, we conducted a study of energy consumption and management in one workplace, based on a combination of workshops with a broad range of stakeholders, and quantitative data inspections. Three themes, and associated intervention opportunities, emerged from our data: (1) energy wastage related to "errors"; (2) the role of company policies and the negotiation that surrounds their implementation; and (3) the bigger energy picture of procurement, construction and travel.

More information can be found in our CSCW'16 paper.