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Temperature Calendar

energy IoT visualization heating workplace C-tECh Django field trials
In collaboration with: Mike Jewell, James Colley, Ben Bedwell

The Temperature Calendar is a visualization of temperature variation within a workplace over the course of the past week. It highlights deviation from organizational temperature policy, and aims to bring staff "into the loop" of understanding and managing heating, and so reduce energy waste. The Temperature Calendar was conceived as a public display, to be installed in a shared area of a non-domestic building (e.g. an office kitchenette). The system includes a number of wireless, battery powered temperature sensors, and a tablet computer used as touch-screen display, making it easy to install in a variety of buildings.

The Temperature Calendar was deployed for three weeks in five public libraries in the south of England. Analysis of interaction logs, questionnaires and interviews shows that staff used the displays to understand heating in their buildings, and took action reflecting this new understanding.

More information about the Temperature Calendar and its deployment is available in our CHI 2016 paper. Background research that informed the design is documented in a CSCW 2016 paper.